If you are new to coding, just use a simple text editor, not!


If like me you want to learn to program, or to code (choose whichever is your religion approved phrase) you were probably advised to use Notepad, Notepad++, Kate, gedit, TextMate or ? The common opinion is somewhere around these lines: Keep it Simple IDEs are complicated Concentrate on learning the code not fighting with the IDE quirks To many functions […] Read more »

Linux Mint 12 goes DuckDuck. Go back to Google.


Linux Mint Developers decided to remove Google as default search engine, in Firefox, the default internet browser. Instead they have DuckDuckGo as the default option. This has happened because Google does not share any revenue that Linux Mint users generate for the company. I do understand the move, but as a regular Linux Mint supporter, I feel OK to want […] Read more »

KIK – the new free sms service on your mobile device (R.I.P. Beluga).

Creating KIK account on android

When Facebook acquired Beluga in February 2011 signing up with non-facebook accounts was disabled in Beluga. When the company introduced Facebook Chat…Beluga was sent to the grave. Since November I have been searching and testing free sms replacements alternatives. There is a lot of good applications about there. I have used WhatsApp before Beluga to communicate to my Blackberry friends. […] Read more »

Highlighting in Evernote clipped webpages – the workaround.

diigo google chrome log in

Sadly Evernote desktop app does not support highlighting. It has been on the community wish-list for at least as long as I have it (almost 2 years). My workaround includes a great tool: Diigo. It has a few versions, depending what is the browser of your choice: For IE and Firefox there is Diigo Toolbar For Chrome you get a special Web highlighter […] Read more »

Will me laptop work with Linux Mint?

Hardware Database Linux Mint Community

No matter how much Linux developers try, there is always a chance that your brand new laptop (netbook, desktop..) has this one component that spoils everything and runs only with propriety drivers. Of course only under the operations-system-who-must-not-be-named. If Linux Mint is your distribution of choice, you will be happy to find out that that the community tracks all working […] Read more »

How to get Minus.com on Linux and Windows. A cloud great for storing and sharing.

Minus.com deb package installation

I have just shown you how to get dropbox connected on Mint, and here comes a surprise of a new free cloud storage with 10GB out of the box. And There is no such thing as too much backup space, so here it comes: Go to Minus.com and download the Ubuntu desktop application (or Windows installer). After it downloads just install it. On Linux it […] Read more »